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Here comes Mr. Jordan (1941) - fantasy comedy from director Alexander Hall, starring Robert Montgomery, Evelyn Keyes and Claude Rains

Rating 7.7/10
Runtime: 94 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Alexander Hall
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Robert Montgomery ... Joe Pendleton
Evelyn Keyes ... Bette Logan
Claude Rains ... Mr.Jordan
Rita Johnson ... Julia Farnsworth
Edward Everett Horton ... Messenger 7013
James Gleason ... Max Corkle
John Emery ... Tony Abbott
Donald MacBride ... Inspector Williams
Don Costello ... Lefty

Description: Boxer Joe Pendleton is on his way to the championship but fate intervenes. While flying his small airplane it crashes and he finds himself en route to the ever after. There's only one problem: he wasn't supposed to die and was meant to survive the crash. Due to a mix-up and a bit of experience on the part of Messenger 7013 who was sent to collect his soul, the man in charge Mr. Jordan orders him returned but it's too late: Joe's manager Max Corkle has already had his remains cremated. Mr. Jordan agrees to find another body for him to inhabit and after a week or so of searching suggests Bruce Farnsworth, a multi-millionaire who is about to be killed by his scheming wife Julia and his secretary, Tony Abbott. Joe's not too keen on the choice until he meets Bette Logan and decides to become Farnsworth at least temporarily. He's a good man and reverses a swindle Farnswworth had committed but his time as Farnsworth was never meant to be permanent. He and Bette have fallen in love however Mr. Jordan has plans for them....and what about that murderous wife?







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