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The dark corner (1946) - little known film noir from director Henry Hathaway, starring Mark Stevens, Lucille Ball, Clifton Webb and William Bendix

Rating 7.2/10
Runtime: 95 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Henry Hathaway
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Lucille Ball ... Kathleen Stewart
Clifton Webb ... Hardy Cathcart
William Bendix ... Stauffer aka Fred Foss
Mark Stevens ... Bradford Galt
Kurt Kreuger ... Anthony Jardine
Cathy Downs ... Mari Cathcart
Reed Hadley ... Police Lt. Frank Reeves
Constance Collier ... Mrs. Kingsley

Description: The private investigator Bradford Galt has just moved from San Francisco, where he was framed by his former partner Anthony Jardine and unfairly spent two years in jail, to a well located office of his own in New York, where he works with his efficient, witty and very beautiful secretary Kathleen. When he invites Kathleen to date and have dinner with him, they see a man wearing a white suit in their tail. Brad holds the man that tells that he is also a private investigator called Fred Foss and hired by Jardine to follow him. When a car almost hit Brad on the street, he visits and argues with Jardine, who is also a seducer of married women, and they fight. Later, when Jardine is murdered in his apartment, Brad realizes that he was framed. His only lead is the man of white suit, and with the support of Kathleen, they try to find the unknown man to discover who is behind the murder of Jardine...







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