Saturday, November 3, 2007

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) - classic Walt Disney Studio animation

Rating 7.8/10
Runtime: 124 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: David Hand
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Adriana Caselotti ... Snow White (voice)
Eddie Collins ... Dopey (voice)
Pinto Colvig ... Sleepy/Grumpy (voice)
Billy Gilbert ... Sneezy (voice)
Otis Harlan ... Happy (voice)
Lucille La Verne ... Queen/Witch (voice)
Moroni Olsen ... Magic Mirror (voice) (uncredited)
Harry Stockwell ... Prince (voice) (uncredited)

Description: Snow White, a beautiful princess who is forced to obey her stepmother who is the evil queen every whim, sees her prince charming while drawing water from the well. Meanwhile her evil stepmother discovers that not she but Snow White is "the fairest of them all". So she orders a hunter to kill Snow White and bring back her heart in a case......The hunter, seeing how sweet Snow White is and recognizing the evil in the queen's heart let's her escape into the forest. Will Snow White escape her stepmother forever? Will she ever survive in the woods and will she ever be able to see her Prince Charming again?


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Subtitles (Polish, English, Czech, Slovakian, Croatian, Portuguese , Romanian, Dutch, French, Finnish)



Hovi said...

Thanks for this gr8 classic as well as all of the others.
I will spread the word best as i can @ the many groups & boards i frequent.
This wonderful blog deserves to be seen by all

Erkie said...
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Erkie said...

I originally posted that I could not un-zip the movie....guess it would help if this old lady learned to read everything first...Got it opened and have a very happy great-grand-daughter...Many many thanks for this site!!!!!
Linda aka Erkie

Anonymous said...

Could anyone help mi with this? I want to unpack the files and enter the password. I get the message that it is incorrect. Any hint?

Anonymous said...

great movie a truly classic one

Anonymous said...

Can you reupload the subtitle?