Thursday, March 27, 2008

Non-classic issue :) - SAVE JERICHO !!!

I know my blog is just for old stuff, but from time to time I spend some time on watching some good TV shows

One of these shows was "Jericho" aired by CBS, showing us habitants of little town, Jericho, after several big America cities were destroyed by nuclear bombs, it got cancelled right after end of first season, but then after huge "peanuts" action it was re-instated for 7 episodes with an option to make more, if ratings are good

But now, the show was cancelled again...and now to the point, please, be so kind and help me and other viewers save this show by signing petition HERE

And if you want know more about this very good, inteligent show, just visit that address:

Jericho on TVRage

And what was that "peanut" action, that saved the show after first season?

"Nuts" Action

Please, do me this favour and sign the petiotion and feel free to spread the petition link and tell your friends about this action!!


Duke said...

Although I don't have cable(T.V.), I watched Jericho a few times and very much enjoyed it. Maybe it's outside of the genre of your Blog but maybe you could upload a few episodes of Jericho for us? I know I'd appreciate it! At any rate, thanks for all you do for us. Love all these old movies you post for us!!

wastingthedawn said...

this is the second time they cancel the show, i doubt it will start again :(

Anonymous said...

Duke, you can found the episodes all over the net, on rapidshare, emule, torrents etc etc

ps already signed!


colo r s said...

Anything for you Mister. ;)
And thanx for the great job you're doing here :)