Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Spiral Staircase (1945) - Dorothy McGuire

Rating 7.5/10
Runtime: 84 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Robert Siodmak
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Dorothy McGuire ... Helen Capel
George Brent ... Professor Warren
Ethel Barrymore ... Mrs. Warren
Kent Smith ... Dr. Parry
Rhonda Fleming ... Blanche
Gordon Oliver ... Steve Warren

Description: Beautiful young mute Helen is a domestic worker for old ailing Mrs. Warren. Mrs. Warren's two sons, Albert (a professor) and womanizing impudent Steven, also live in the Warren mansion. Mrs. Warren becomes concerned for Helen's safety when a rash of murders involving 'women with afflictions' hits the neighborhood. She implores her physician, Dr. Parry, to take Helen away for her own safety. When another murder occurs inside the Warren mansion, it becomes obvious that Helen is in danger.



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English subtitles included


Anonymous said...

The b&w photography and lighting are great, thanks for this little known gem.

Alex said...

Thanks for this terrific old classic! I've been wandering the net in search of B/W magic and your site has been a dream come true!

Many thanks!


Gabriel said...

Thank you very much for this!
Specially for also posting the subtitles.


Anonymous said...

hi, just downloaded the movie, but could you help me with english subtitles...? Waiting for reply...

Thanks again for the movie.

len said...

Thanks a lot!!!

Giana Forzareli said...

Great find! Thanks for sharing the stills of the classic, I really appreciate finding cinema stills. It's funny I found this blog because I am currently renovating my house and I started looking for spiral staircase prices . I am going to try to find this gem at my movie store.