Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I will be adding missing Alfred Hitchcock Presents season 2 episodes later today, as episodes 20 and 21 are missing, I thought they were already online, but no

And also "brand new" old movie will appear to download :)

Cheers, have a nice day

EDIT 1: For those of you who are looking for episodes 20 and 21 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents season 2, I got good news, i just updated my previous post with these links, more info available here

EDIT 2: New movie to download will be available on Thursday or Friday :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to upload the original Charge Of The Light Brigade ?
Thank you in advance.

Stef Ionesco said...

the Rar pass?

Just me :) said...

pass is the same for all my uploads:


You should know that by that time :D

Stef Ionesco said...

Thanks and sorry about that.
Didn't cross my mind.


Stef Ionesco

Madjack said...

Are there any more Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 2?
Many thanks,

Just me :) said...

More Alfred Hitchcock Presents this week (Monday or Tuesday)

Madjack said...

Is there a search engine on this site so I may find new Alfred Hitchcock episodes as they are added?