Sunday, August 24, 2008

Subtitles, password issues etc. etc. :)

Hi folks :)

Some of you, my dear readers, requested subtitles for second season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents to be uploaded to another web-hosting service, so here it goes, subs divided into three parts, uploaded into RS:

Episodes 1-13

Episodes 14-27

Episodes 28-39

And also I got some comments, asking for password to my uploads, and as I give the password in each post, with bigger font and bolded, and that is always the same, let me repeat it again:

Password for all my uploads is:


OLY08 said...

brilliant!!love the Hitchcock stuff,
any chance you could upload
The League of Gentlemen (1960)

angie72442 said...

Love this site! I am looking for Miracle of the bells and Batchelor and the bobby soxer, would you happen to have either? Thanks for all your hard work! You rule!

mayssam said...

thanks.i am waiting for alfred hitchcock presents season 3.thank you if you upload it sooner.please upload its subs in other site like rapidshare

monica said...

hello!i don*t want to disturb you with another request,but you are my last chance:)I've been looking for ,Father Goose,(1964),would you happen to have it? i found it here:,19962.0.html ,but the password is wrong..:((
can you help me?
thank you very much!

Butvietis said...

Great site. Looking for "The Strange One" (Ben Gazzara, Pat Hingle), about a southern military school. Haven;t seen it anywhere.

Marlowe fan from Poland said...

Great job man. I looking for these movies with Philip Marlowe:

> Marlowe (1969) Dir. Paul Bogart
> Farewell, My Lovely (1975) Dir. Dick Richards
> The Big Sleep (1978) Dir. Michael Winner

Can you help? I can't nowhere to find them

Campfire said...

As long as folks are making requests, I'd like to see Boy On A Dolphin, with Sophia Loren and Alan Ladd. Any chance?

Madjack said...

Is it possible to search this site for a movie?

Stef Ionesco said...

For all who had a request...
Some of the requested movies will be post it on


Stef Ionesco

Anonymous said...

back to the original post . . .

I've had no problems with subtitles for s02-s03 of Alfred Hitchock Presents, nor do I mind using BaDongo. But only about half of s01 is avilable.

List of missing/deleted/no longer available due to inactivity;

s01e10 The Case Of Mr. Pelham.avi
s01e11 Guilty Witness.avi
s01e13 The Cheney Vase.avi
s01e14 A Bullet For Baldwin.avi
s01e15 The Big Switch.avi
s01e16 You Got To Have Luck.avi
s01e17 The Older Sister.avi
s01e18 Shopping For Death.avi
s01e19 The Derelicts.avi
s01e20 And So Died Riabouchinska.Avi
s01e21 Safe Conduct.Avi
s01e22 Place Of Shadows.Avi
s01e23 Back For Christmas.Avi
s01e24 The Perfect Murder.Avi
s01e25 There Was An Old Woman.Avi
s01e26 Whodunit.avi
s01e27 Help Wanted.avi
s01e28 Portrait Of Jocelyn.avi
s01e29 The Orderly World Of Mr. Appleby.avi
s01e30 Never again.avi
s01e31 The gentleman from America.avi
s01e32 The baby sitter.avi
s01e33 The belfry.avi
s01e34 The hidden thing.avi
s01e35 The legacy.avi

thank you very much if one could re-up these.

- maxappet1te