Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rita Hayworth movies on the way :)

I got some requests for Rita Haywoth movies, so ...

Lady from Shanghai should be online tomorrow :)


Gilda some time next week

Hope some of you will be satisfied :)


Anonymous said...

More Rita Hayworth movies...
If possible please add John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Glenn Ford movies...
Humphrey Bogard - sahara, conflict, dead reckoning, angels with dirty faces, dead end, enforcer

Anonymous said...


Being a "RITA HAYWORTH" devoted fan
there's ONE movie that I'm dying to see [before I die].
Victor Mature stars with Rita in the 1942 musical: 'MY GAL SAL"

Visiting daily your web page and all I can say is: YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!

Hope my wish comes true.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Ms Hayworth is of course mandatory on a site like yours. No less sexy but still a little more forgotten over the decades is wonderful blonde Veronica Lane - speaking to us from the shade of her blonde locks.
May I humbly suggest The Blue Dahlia (1946)?

Anonymous said...

Please upload, "Money Trap", "The Story on Page One", "Circus World", "They Came To Cardura", "Separate Tables", "Pal Joey", "Affair in Trinidad", "The loves of carmen", "Cover Girl", "Tales of Manhattan", "You'll never get Rich", "Blood and Sand", "Strawberry Blonde", "Angels over Broadway", "Blondie on Budget". Thank You very much.

Anonymous said...


all your effort is much appreciated. Here is my one request: would you please upload "Tea and Sympathy" with Deborah Kerr in case you have it and find the time?


A. Friend

Jhumroo Jain said...

Thanks for all your efforts. You Rock!!