Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not-so-good news


Not so good news to announce... something happened to my RS accounts tomorrow, when logging into them, it says, that "Your account have not been found"

I dont know, maybe that has something in common in Rapidshare recent actions to prevent users from using the accounts from multiple IPs, but in recent weeks all these accounts were used only by me...

And the worst thing is that I dont have access to all my uploaded files anymore... almost 30 non-published movies are stuck somewhere there on RS servers, and there is no way to get to them until RS makes a move...

I suppose that all these accounts are gone now, with over 100 000 premium points accumulated on them, but the funniest thing is that all the fles published alrady, are still online and fine

So that may put a sad end to my blog, as in case of re-uploading all this stuff again, it is almost impossible task :(:(:(

Anyone had any idea what could happen here?

EDIT: I already mailed them, but "due to the large amount of support requests, your answer will unfortunately be delayed.:

And unfortunately, this lock feature has nothing to do with this, it doesnt prevent anyone from logging into account, just from taking any actions like deleting files or redeeming premium points for new accounts

Lets pray...


neurino said...

No! No! Nooooooooo!
Ok, keep cool and let's be logical...mumble mumble mumble...

Sorry. No valuable ideas pop out of my mind right away. Sigh...

Moan! Moan! Moan...let's cross fingers all toghether!

Paul said...

Click this link

tell them your account name and ask them why you cannot access it

I was in the same position once and it had been hijacked in a phishing attack

They have now changed the way accounts work and a security lock is now in place, maybe that is preventing you from accessing your account

Hopefully they will be able to give you some answers

pagema said...

"Not-so-good", as you say. Actually, very sad news for you, and all your fiends. I just read what Paul wrote... Let's hope again.
"On croise les doigts", as we say in french.

anarxaki said...

I almost feel like Rapidshare-Support after searching their rules and reading so many people's complaints and problems. I hope I can help you with yours.

After introducing the Security Lock, the stealing account scam changed too. Till now, if someone managed to find out your login, he logged into your account and changed the password and email address. Now, if they see that the Lock is activated, they just publish your login for everyone to use.
Rapidshare does not have a strict policy against multiple IPs (because of the dynamic IPs) but if they see too many different IPs or from different countries, they lock the account.

If that's the case, you would see a message like "Fraud detected: This Account has been illegally used by several users".

Did you activate the Security Lock for all you accounts? Are you 10000% sure that you didn't mistype either your password, or the account name?
If you are using an alias, try to login with the account name. Sometimes the damn thing blocks and doesn't accept the alias as username.

Send them another email. Reply to their reply and make sure you leave the [Reply ticket] in the subject. This makes them read those mails first. Don't hesitate to threaten them with legal actions if your accounts are lost or your uploads.

Stef Ionesco said...

I'm going sad to bad this night.
Cross my fingers.


Stef Ionesco

Gryzor said...

Oh man... please don't go! Damn, I would gladly upload them myself if you sent me some DVDs with the avi files... Anything, just don't drop it! :(

Gryzor said...

Oh man... please don't go! Damn, I would gladly upload them myself if you sent me some DVDs with the avi files... Anything, just don't drop it! :(

Anonymous said...

Either a single or 1000 "Thank you" are not enough to express the gratitude I feel for what you have done and what you have offered me.

You gave me again a part of the Past, memories forgotten, afternoons in dark cinema rooms, with the then gentle heroes of the white screen.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Search the things about "Security Lock".
In case you had activated it, you need it to make anything you wish.
You receive a code-number in your e-mail.
Every time you de-activate it, in order to make a job, activating it again you receive a new - different - code.

Search, I believe it's a technical matter. Unless Rapidshare spotted copyrighted material and purposefully deleted your files, rather impossible.
We're waiting ..(and praying)

Shontou said...

This is heart breaking news.Hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

Your files are still there and downloadable. I just accessed one so they haven't been erased. I hope you can work this out.

If you continue to have problems with RS may I suggest for the future? I have an account with both mf and RS and I think mf is better. You can upload larger files if you are a premium member and they rarely delete one.

I do hope you get things worked out.


nico said...

I can only hope to support you by saying DO NOT GIVE UP.

It is the best blog/old movie resource i found on the net...

Anonymous said...


I got pretty much the same message from RS. When their Support staff replied to my email they said I had used the Premium account for illegal stuff. About 6 months earlier I had tricked by a phishing 'incident' ~ I had 3 month of my account to run but had to kiss it goodbye.

dunfyboy said...

Good luck. This blog is too good to close. I hope you get this resolved soon.

nspk77 said...

hope you work this problem out, this blog is too great to put a stop to it
+ big thanks for adding the megaupload alternative, without a doubt the best and fasted filehost for free users at the mo'

big thanks for all your hard work!