Monday, March 16, 2009

A movie each day :)

I got a crazy time in my life nowadays so I just thought I might do something crazy on the blog so...

I will be posting new movie each day from tomorrow to Sunday :)

Nice, huh?

What can you expect?

1. Film noir I mentioned before - not quite known, but quite enjoyable :)

2. Some of Italian-French cooperation cinematography :)

3. Some of Japanese cinematography :P

4. Some of Russian (!!) cinematography

5. John Ford drama

6. War romance :)

And something more - if there is a person that wants to help me provide movies to be posted, got their own rips, and can co-operate with me with all the details, please feel free to leave some comments


Agnieszka said...

Maybe French-Italian;)? Russian cinematography also look interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Effort/s! How about a Classic, Obscure, NON MGA, etc. release of a W.C. Fields Comedy..? Or the silent era? German Expressionism?
I would be eternally in your debt...
I hope the sun is shinning where you are.

Anonymous said...

I love Film noir and Russian cinematography.

xtian said...

italian wud be nice...what about more Bogart stuff??? Noir movies with amazing soundtracks....

thanks for theses movies, you are making my lazy weekends even better!

Anonymous said...

How would posting with you function?
Upload to RS and provide you with descriptions and poster art? Curious... Schleim Buetel

hitch said...

Oh, I love very much series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".
But all in this site is good.

Anonymous said...

I have downloaded "The Blue Dahlia", one of your older posts and the CRC fails on part 6 (Wrong Password?

Just thought I'd let you know.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see John Ford's The Prisoner Of Shark Island. Sadly it isn't available anywhere.