Sunday, May 10, 2009

I remember Mama (1948) - Irene Dunne

Rating 8.2/10
Runtime: 134 min
Language: English/Norwegian/Latin/French
Country: USA
Directed by: George Stevens
IMDb Link:


Irene Dunne ... Martha 'Mama' Hanson
Barbara Bel Geddes ... Katrin Hanson
Oskar Homolka ... Uncle Chris Halverson
Philip Dorn ... Lars Hanson
Cedric Hardwicke ... Jonathan Hyde

Description: In the format of a story, aspiring writer Katrin Hanson recollects her life growing up in the early twentieth century San Francisco with her Norwegian immigrant family: her siblings Nels, Christine and Dagmar; and her Papa and Mama named Lars and Martha. Mama is the practical one in the family. One of the family's rituals is doing the household financial accounts every Saturday night. Using the money brought home by Papa and what is kept in their petty cash tin, Mama would allocate it to the weekly bills. "It's good - we do not have to go to the bank" is what Mama would say if they had enough money. Luckily, they never had to go to the bank as dipping into their bank account was the worst thing they could have done. Beyond her practicality, Mama is truthful and compassionate and will do anything for those she loves. This not only includes her husband and children, but also her "scary" Uncle Chris, her trio of sisters - all four of whom can be difficult to love much of the time - and their poor boarder, Mr. Hyde, who provides more to the family in his readings than any financial compensation ever could. But Katrin and her siblings learn of a lie told by Mama, all in the name of protecting them.


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dna said...

Haven't seen this in a while, Thanks :)

Adson Marchiori said...

Thank you for this and many others great classics.
I finish the download of "I Remember Mama" and there are no subs. I will appreciate very much the spanish subs. Do you have them?
Thanks in advance and congratulations for this wonderful blog.