Thursday, May 14, 2009

The naked city (1948) - Barry Fitzgerald, Howard Duff in classic film noir directed by Jules Dassin

Rating 7.7/10
Runtime: 96 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Jules Dassin
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Barry Fitzgerald ... Det. Lt. Dan Muldoon
Howard Duff ... Frank Niles
Dorothy Hart ... Ruth Morrison
Don Taylor ... Det. Jimmy Halloran
Frank Conroy ... Capt. Donahue
Ted de Corsia ... Willie Garzah aka Willie the Harmonica
House Jameson ... Dr. Stoneman

Description: The film starts with a drunk being knocked out and thrown into the river. A woman is discovered dead in her bathtub by her maid. It's determined chloroform was involved in her death. Enter Lt. Muldoon, whose precinct gets involved in the investigation. Muldoon and his right hand man, Det. Jimmy Halleran, also find out jewelry is missing. The dead woman Jean Dexter, a fashion model, leads the police to a Dr. Stoneman, a man that loved her. At the same time, another detective discovers a cigarette case that points to another man, Frank Niles, who also appears to be involved. The drunk in the river was a jewelry thief and he, in turn, points to Harmonica Willie, a tough guy with a criminal record.

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Anonymous said...

This is very frustrating. At least one quarter of the films I download seem not to have any soundtrack when I open them on Media Player. Am I neglecting to do something?

Gryzor said...

Oh wow! Interesting stuf...

Can I make a request? Could we have the Centerbury Tales if possible? Please? :)

@Anon: it's your computer mate. Try installing some codecs (like the CCCP package) or using a decent media player like KMPlayer...

Just me :) said...

The Canterbury Tales by Pasolini

Rar Password: None

The avi-file has two soundtracks.
Audio 1: Italian
Audio 2: English

Gryzor said...

Already? Wow...

Oh darn, I didn't know about Pasolini's oeuvre... I meant the 1948 one (It's not taleS, it's one tale, so my bad :( ) (

Apologies for the mistake... I'll be clicking on as many thumbs as I can to make up :D

Just me :) said...

1944 version

Rar Password: mr1930sactz

Film - Dvd Rip 699 Mbs

Width 464
Height 336

Bit Rate: 128kbps
Format: MPEGM Layer-3

Frame Rate: 25 frames/second
Data Rate: 990kbps
Video Sample Size: 12 bit
Video Compression: XviD

Duration: 01:59:25

Gryzor, download from mirrors please :):) and promote my blog to your friends :)

Gryzor said...

You, sir, are god :)

I have already promoted your blog to everyone I know - and at least a few people I know do visit it regularly!

Are there any subs for it? I'll look around...

Thanks again!

Gryzor said...

Darn, the only subs I find are for a 2-CD release and for the Dimension one... :(

Just me :) said...

You can synchronize them using Subtitle Workshop, that allows to merge 2 subs into one, if subs frame per second is the same, then it should work fine

Gryzor said...

Yeah, I know. I'll try fixing it later on, and I'll up it and announce it here if I manage to get it working...

Gryzor said...

Ok! Here you go:

It's not 100% perfect, but it's darn close enough. :)