Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thieves' highway (1949) - Richard Conte, Lee J. Cobb

Rating: 7.6/10
Runtime: 108 min
Language: English/Italian
Country: USA
Color: Black and White
Directed by: Jules Dassin
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Richard Conte ... Nick Garcos
Valentina Cortese ... Rica
Lee J. Cobb ... Mike Figlia
Barbara Lawrence ... Polly Faber
Jack Oakie ... Slob
Millard Mitchell ... Ed Prentiss
Joseph Pevney ... Pete
Morris Carnovsky ... Yanko Garcos
Tamara Shayne ... Parthena Garcos

Description: Richard Conte stars as ex-G.I. Nick Garcos, a tyro trucker bent on satisfaction from the man responsible for crippling his father—ruthless market operator Mike Figlia (Lee J. Cobb). But when Figlia gets wise to his plan, Nick finds himself in a web of treachery and heartbreak.


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Audio : 38 MB, 57 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 1 channel, MPEG Layer-3, CBR

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Thank you very much

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Just discovered this blog. Great job mate...many thanks for providing so many great films. A couple of questions...

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1. I dont upload to MU anymore, as for other hosts tan RS I use remote upload, and for MU to remot-upload, you need premium account, which I dont have

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