Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog moving to WWW hosting - donations needed :)

Hello, I just made a decision, that all the blog content should also be available as separate from Blogger WWW site

And now, if anyone could help me with that, either by help with site migration or by donating by Paypal using button placed on the upper right side of the blog is highly welcomed...

Any donation 10 $ or over will be granted with 48 hours Easy-Share account so donator can download a lot of stuff for lower price

Of course if there are any donations, then I will put all domain registering and hosting plans operations details from Paypal to the blog, I dont wanna get richer on you dear visitors, but just make site more visible

Hope you are OK with that?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

man (from argentina) : we need westerns pleaseeeeeee!!!!! thankssssssss--- A "gary cooper" MOVIE PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!!

i miss a lot whiskey, blood and bullets....