Sunday, January 3, 2010

Plans for next months and whole year

1. Re-uploading of few missing movies, that should be done before end of January, took helluva of time, but finally I can see the finish

2. I will of course finish third season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and start the fourth season, which unfortunately is not available on DVD, so some quite nice TV rips would do the thing

3. Better versions of already posted stuff will be added to site, right now, I got over 20 movies ready to upload, to replace some average quality 700 MB rips posted before, just best quality to be available, I know some were complaining that old, B&W movies don't require high quality, but I simply don't agree with these opinions, so whenever upgrade will be possible, it will be posted

4. Submissions will be made every 6-8 days, not so often, but I got some piece of personal life, so more frequent updates will not be possible, unless...

5. ...there will be someone to become my partner in posting their movies here, i am looking forward for some cooperation, on my terms, but position is open :)

6. More 1930 and 1920s stuff to be posted in incoming months, also some Italian/French stuff and film-noir in the queue


Anonymous said...

I got stuff it would be cool to add to your work. Depends on how you want to do it

rodrigo samico said...

Couldnt you place some kind of search in the site? I ve tried google but no deal. Do you have posted already Broken Lance? Thanks. Great Work. Greetings from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

happy new year to all!

you can search onlyoldmovies with the google option "site:" For example enter this line in google search

His Girl Friday

Anonymous said...

Thanks !

Anonymous said...


I used to come here often because you have such great taste in old films. But to be honest, the JDownloader was just too much for me. Today, I saw you had The Gay Divorcee, and I clicked on the .dlc file. It automatically opened for me and started downloading, and I did absolutely nothing special -- none of the JDownloader complications.

The source of this miracle: Cryptload.

I had done nothing special to configure Cryptload (only exception being, of course, that since I have a Rapidshare premium account, you have to go into Settings, Plugins, Hoster, and enter your Rapidshare account ID and password; you only do this once as Cryptload stores the ID and password). When I clicked on your .dlc file, a popup said "What do you want to do with this file" and "Open with Cryptload" was already checked. It downloaded seemlessly and perfectly.

Hope this helps you for those people, like myself, who -- for whatever reason -- didn't want to get involved with JDownloader.

Thanks for all your great contributions.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame you stopped using dlc links as your hard work on Alfred Hichcock Presents season 4 has already been deleted by rs. Do you have alternate links somewhere?