Sunday, May 16, 2010

Onlyoldmovies bulletin no. 5

1. One of my users commented on my last Alfred Hitchcock Presents post, that RS links were deleted by me, not reported and deleted by RS itself...Well, that user doesnt understand what happens when files are reported: once reported and marked by RS and infriging copyrights, they are online for next 7 for possible "further investigation", but as I cant do anything to get them back, I prefer to delete them from my acount first, that way when you click on download link it may say that the files was deleted by original uploader, but why should I do that?

2. It's May now, the month that WWII ended, so it is time to post two WWII war movies, of which one will be Polish and the second German, first one tomorrow, next in about 6-8 days after that

3. What else to expect? Re-upload of all AHP files, some silent comedies from the best and nice adventure movies from director Rouben Mamoulian and some more of Marlon Brando at his best, but not faster than in early June.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I left the comment about RS upload. Thank you for the explanation, I didn't argue with you, it just seemed strange.You did well, deleting the link by yourself.

However, what about the encrypted files you provided us with, over the passed months? (.ccf files). I think they worked well enough and kept those stupid link-reporters away ;)