Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Onlyoldmovies bulletin no. 7

Dear visitors

1. As www.onlyoldmovies.info registration period and website hosting plan ends in less than 24 hours from the moment when this note is posted, info domain will not be available for next couple of weeks, until hosting is paid and re-registration of site by new registrar completes. I've asked for small donations to that cause, but no positive response was received, so until further notice externally hosted domain is unavailable, and the only active source for that time being is onlyoldmovies.blogspot.com

2. Because of that fact and lack of free time, posting of new movies and upgrades to previously posted flicks will be postponed until further notice. For more details of blog recent activivities in incoming weeks please check Twitter posts on the right sidebar of the site or at twitter.com/onlyoldmovies

3. There are also some major changes coming soon, but it will take several weeks until all the ideas are implemented. Until that time all the services will be available as of now.


Thuresson said...

How much is the hosting fee and how can users donate?

Anonymous said...

hej dude that's file-sharing, you're not the only one who uploads movies and stuff on the internet, so don't complain if you don't receive enough money to pay your costs. No one does. Because it's file-sharing: you give us files and all you can have back is just files (and there's a lot out there, go check)

gregor samsa

Gryzor said...

@Anon: He's not doing it to get any money back, he's just asking for support for his expenses...

That said, there are some pretty cheap hosting options out there, so if you want drop me a line and I'll give you mine and even pay for it :)

Anonymous said...

Hello and good day to you. I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the movie Mame with Lucille Ball 1974 version. It's one of her BEST movies short of The Long Long Trailer and both movies are VERY hard to find so I was thrilled when I found it. Thank you so very much and keep up the good work!!! Sincerely, Mrs. Marsha Lynn Roach