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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 1, episodes 1-20

These are previously posted episodes of first season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents show, that were deleted and now got re-uploaded. Several posts were merged into one bigger containing episodes 1-20, the rest of Season one will be posted soon. English subtitles included.

Master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock presents several short stories. The stories are invariably surprising, often containing elements of horror, comedy, suspense, and the supernatural.

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Season 1

Screens from various episodes (click to enlarge):

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Episode 1 - Revenge


Ralph Meeker ... Carl Spann
Vera Miles ... Elsa Spann
Frances Bavier ... Mrs. Fergusen
Ray Montgomery ... Man in grey suit

Description: Carl and Elsa Spann have moved into a trailer park in California, after Elsa suffered a nervous breakdown. She is adjusting well to a more peaceful lifestyle, after her rigorous training as a ballerina. But then Carl comes home from work to find Elsa shocked and traumatized after a man assaulted her in the trailer. The police investigate, but find little to go on. Carl becomes increasingly angry about what has happened, and he is determined to kill the man responsible, if he can find him.

Episode 2 - Premonition


John Forsythe ... Kim Stanger
Cloris Leachman ... Susan Stanger
Warren Stevens ... Perry Stanger
George Macready ... Douglas Irwin

Description: Musician Kim Stanger returns to his hometown, but is troubled by a vague premonition that something is wrong. Indeed, his friends and family seem quite uncomfortable to see him. He particularly wants to see his father, but he learns that his father is dead. His family tells him that his father died of a heart attack while playing tennis four years ago, but Kim finds a number of discrepancies in the details they give him. He insists on finding out what really happened, even when everyone seems determined to stop him from learning the truth

Episode 3 - Triggers in leash


Gene Barry ... Dell Delaney
Darren McGavin ... Red Hillman
Ellen Corby ... Maggie
Casey MacGregor ... Ben

Description: A cook tries everything she can think of to end a dispute between two gunmen who have sworn to kill each other.

Episode 4 - Don`t come back alive


Sidney Blackmer ... Frank Partridge
Virginia Gregg ... Mildred Partridge
Robert Emhardt ... Insurance Detective
Irene Tedrow ... Sister-in-law
Edna Holland ... Librarian

Description: Frank and Mildred Partridge are struggling with their finances. Frank has just landed a new job, but it won't start for another month. As they try to make light of their situation, Frank gets an idea. He persuades his wife to disappear for seven years, so that she can be declared legally dead in order to collect on their life insurance policy. She reluctantly agrees, and moves away under an assumed name. They plan to meet each other regularly, but an insurance investigator becomes suspicious of her absence, and thinks that Frank has killed her. Left almost entirely on her own, Mildred comes to prefer her new way of life.

Episode 5 - Into thin air


Patricia Hitchcock ... Diana Winthrop
Geoffrey Toone ... Basil Farnham
Alan Napier ... Sir Everett
Maurice Marsac ... Clerk
John Mylong ... Doctor
Mary Forbes ... Mrs. Winthrop

Description: Diana Winthrop and her mother arrive in Paris, where a World Exposition is taking place. Mrs. Winthrop had started to feel very tired during the journey, so after they check into their hotel, Diana calls for a doctor. After examining Mrs. Winthrop, the doctor sends Diana in his carriage to his own home, where his wife prepares a medication. A number of things seem odd to Diana, but things become much more worrisome when she returns to the hotel. The desk clerk does not remember her, her signature has disappeared from the hotel register, someone else is occupying her room, and her mother has completely disappeared.

Episode 6 - Salvage


Gene Barry ... Dan Varrel
Nancy Gates ... Lois Williams
Maxine Cooper ... Mary
Peter Adams ... Tim Grady
Elisha Cook Jr. ... Shorty

Description: Dan has just been released from prison, and Lois is terrified. While he was behind bars, Dan's brother was shot and killed while trying to escape from the police, because Lois had told the police where he was hiding. Everyone whom Lois asks for help knows that Dan holds her responsible, and will not help her. So Dan confronts her in her room alone, prepared to kill her no matter how hard she begs for mercy. Dan is then baffled when Lois tells him to go ahead, since she is in despair and has nothing to live for.

Episode 7 - Breakdown


Joseph Cotten ... William Callew
Raymond Bailey ... Ed Johnson
Forrest Stanley ... Hubka
Harry Shannon ... Dr. Harner
Lane Chandler ... Sheriff

Description: Mr. Callew, a demanding businessman, is resting by the beach when he receives a telephone call from a recently discharged employee. The man is in tears, but the unyielding Callew shows no sympathy, and hangs up on him. Later, when Callew starts to drive home, his car runs off the road at a construction site. When he comes to, Callew is paralyzed. Several persons come by, but he is unable to communicate with them, so they think he is dead. Fully aware of his predicament, he becomes increasingly terrified.

Episode 8 - Our cook`s a treasure


Everett Sloane ... Ralph Montgomery
Beulah Bondi ... Mrs. Sutton
Janet Ward ... Ethel Montgomery
Elliott Reid ... Earl Kramer
Olan Soule ... Chemist

Description: Shortly after having a quick breakfast with his wife and the new cook whom they have recently hired, Ralph Montgomery suffers a bad attack of indigestion, and continues to have trouble afterward. Later, he reads a newspaper story about a housekeeper who has poisoned several of her employers, and who is still at large. Ralph begins to suspect the worst, and he takes a cup of cocoa from the kitchen to a chemist, in order to have it analyzed.

Episode 9 - The long shot


Peter Lawford ... Charlie Raymond
John Williams ... Walker Hendricks
Gertrude Hoffman ... Margaret Stoddard
Robert Warwick ... Matthew Kelson

Description: Down on his luck and heavily in debt, Charlie Raymond reads a newspaper advertisement asking for a native Londoner who is willing to accompany a British visitor on a trip from New York to San Francisco. He meets with Hendricks, the man who placed the ad, who agrees to hire him for the trip. As they drive across the country, Hendricks talks and incessantly asks questions about London, as Charlie grows increasingly bored. Charlie is just about to run off and leave Hendricks on his own, when he discovers his employer's reason for going to San Francisco, and sees an opportunity for himself.

Episode 10 - The case of Mr Pelham


Tom Ewell ... Albert Pelham
Raymond Bailey ... Dr. Harley
Justice Watson ... Henry Peterson
Kirby Smith ... Tom Mason

Description: Mr. Pelham consults a doctor about a series of troubling incidents. Recently a number of his acquaintances have claimed to have seen him in places where he could not have been. The doctor suggests that there must be another man with a strong resemblance to Pelham. But it soon becomes obvious that the other man is also deliberately impersonating him - even to the point of using Pelham's apartment as his own.

Episode 11 - Guilty witness


Judith Evelyn ... Amelia Verber
Kathleen Maguire ... Dorothy Crane
Joe Mantell ... Stanley Crane
Robert F. Simon ... Sgt. Halloran

Description: Stanley Crane is working at his grocery when Mrs. Verber comes in with a badly bruised face. Stanley's wife Dorothy believes that Mr. Verber hits his wife, and is having affairs with other women. Back at home, the Cranes hear the Verbers having a violent argument in the apartment above theirs. The next day, when Mr. Verber is missing, and soon afterward a detective starts poking around the apartment building, the Cranes can't help suspecting the worst.

Episode 12 - Santa Claus and the Tenth Avenue Kid


Barry Fitzgerald ... Harold 'Stretch' Sears
Virginia Gregg ... Miss Clementine Webster
Bobby Clark ... The 10th Avenue Kid
Arthur Space ... Mr. Chambers - Parole Officer

Description: Petty thief Harold 'Stretch' Sears has served several prison sentences, and is again out on parole. He is given a job as a department store 'Santa Claus', but his cynical nature makes the job difficult. Miss Webster, who arranged the job for him, keeps trying to encourage Sears, but only succeeds in irritating him. As Sears does his best to get through the holiday season, he notices a bad-tempered boy who keeps coming to the store, arguing with him that there is no Santa Claus, and stealing small items from the store. Fearing for the boy's future, Sears feels an odd impulse to do something for the boy

Episode 13 - The Cheney vase


Patricia Collinge ... Martha Cheney
Darren McGavin ... Lyle Endicott
Carolyn Jones ... Pamela Waring
George Macready ... Homer Koether
Kathryn Card ... Bella
Ruta Lee ... Ruby Boyenton

Description: When Lyle Endicott is fired from his job at an art museum, he has his girlfriend Pamela type a phony letter of recommendation for him. He takes the letter to the invalid Martha Cheney, whom he met at the museum. Lyle knows that the museum has been eagerly trying to buy a valuable vase that Miss Cheney received from her father. While working for her, Lyle sets out to isolate her from everyone else, so that he can take advantage of the situation for himself.

Episode 14 - A bullet for Baldwin


John Qualen ... Mr. Stepp
Sebastian Cabot ... Nathaniel Baldwin/Mr. Davidson
Phillip Reed ... Walter King
Ruth Lee ... Neighbor

Description: Mr. Stepp has just been fired from Baldwin, King & Co., and he goes to see Baldwin one more time to plead for his job. When Baldwin refuses to discuss it, Stepp takes a gun from his desk drawer, returns to Baldwin's office, and shoots him to death. After wandering the streets aimlessly, Stepp decides to go back to his lodgings to wait to be arrested. Instead, he is awakened by a telephone call from Baldwin's secretary, asking why he is not at work. When Stepp arrives at the office, Baldwin is alive and well, and everyone acts as if nothing is out of the ordinary. The baffled Stepp even gets his job back.

Episode 15 - The big switch


George Mathews ... Sam Dunleavy
Beverly Michaels ... Goldie
George E. Stone ... Barney
Joe Downing ... Lieutenant

Description: Chicago, 1920: Gangster Sam Dunleavy has just returned to town, and is visited by Al, a former childhood friend who is now a police officer. Al knows that Sam's girlfriend has just dropped him, and he warns Sam not to try anything violent. But Sam does plan to kill his ex-girlfriend, and he knows he needs an alibi. He sees his friend Barney, who promises to give him a perfect alibi for $2500. They work out the details, and Sam returns to Barney's place later to put the plan into action. But Al also shows up, so Sam knows that the plan must work perfectly.

Episode 16 - You got to have luck


John Cassavetes ... Sam Cobbett
Marisa Pavan ... Mary Schaffner
Lamont Johnson ... Husband
Ray Teal ... Warden
Vivi Janiss ... Maude

Description: A dangerous convict has escaped from the state penitentiary, and the alarm has gone out. The convict finds a house where a young wife is currently alone, waiting for her husband to return. He enters her kitchen, and threatens her with a knife. He listens to the radio to see how the search for him is coming, and then starts to give her orders.

Episode 17 - The older sister


Joan Lorring ... Emma Borden
Carmen Mathews ... Lizzie Borden
Polly Rowles ... Nell Cutts
Patricia Hitchcock ... Margaret

Description: One year ago, Mr. and Mrs. Borden were brutally murdered in their home, and it is widely believed that their daughter Lizzie committed the crimes, even though she was tried and acquitted. Lizzie and her sister Emma are still living in the same home, but Emma now plans to leave on a vacation to rest her nerves. The sisters' housemaid Margaret is also planning to leave, to avoid being alone with Lizzie. As Emma and Margaret discuss their plans, a woman arrives at the door, and introduces herself as a newspaper reporter. Emma desperately tries to get the visitor to leave, but the pushy reporter insists on questioning Emma about all of the details of the murders, bringing Emma to a state of near hysteria. In the midst of their confrontation, Lizzie herself comes down the staircase, and immediately takes control of the situation.

Episode 18 - Shopping for death


Jo Van Fleet ... Mrs. Albert Shrike
Robert H. Harris ... Clarence Fox
John Qualen ... Elmer Shore

Description: Two retired insurance salesmen have been visiting the scenes of accidents and crimes, feeling that they have a responsibility to learn why such things happen. One of them has found an aggressive, hostile woman whom he considers to be a prime candidate for a personal disaster. On a blisteringly hot day, the two follow her as she does some shopping, and watch as she antagonizes several persons. After some discussion, they decide to take a chance on helping her, and they go up to her apartment to talk to her.

Episode 19 - The derelicts


Phillip Reed ... Ralph Cowell
Cyril Delevanti ... Alfred P. Sloane
Robert Newton ... Peter J. Goodfellow
Peggy Knudsen ... Herta
Johnny Silver ... Fenton Shanks
Robert Foulk ... Det. Sgt. Monroney

Description: A year ago, Mr. Sloane lent Ralph the money he needed to develop and market a new invention, in return for 50% of the profits. Now Sloane calls Ralph to ask for his share, but Ralph has spent all of his earnings on his attractive, materialistic wife. When Sloane insists on payment, Ralph kills him in a park and takes his wallet, expecting to recover the IOU he had written. But the murder is witnessed by a vagrant, who also recovers the IOU in Sloane's cigarette case. The vagrant and a friend come to confront Ralph, demanding heavy payment in return for their silence.

Episode 20 - And so died Riabouchinska


Claude Rains ... John Fabian
Charles Bronson ... Det. Krovitch
Claire Carleton ... Alice Fabian
Lowell Gilmore ... Mel Douglas

Description: A dead man is found in the basement of a theater, and a detective comes to investigate. He learn that the deceased had been seen near the theater asking for Fabian, the ventriloquist. As the detective questions Fabian in his dressing room, a voice comes from the box in which Fabian's female dummy is stored. When the dummy, Riabouchinska, continues to talk, the detective is annoyed, thinking that the ventriloquist is trying to be funny. But the detective humors him and 'talks' to the dummy, and he soon learns about a web of tensions involving Fabian, his wife, and his manager. Much of the tension concerns the dummy - and there is also a connection with the dead man.

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