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Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 1, episodes 21-39

Here comes another repost of first season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents show, several posts were merged into one bigger containing all remaining episodes (21-39). English subtitles included.

Episode 21 - Safe conduct


Claire Trevor ... Mary Prescott
Jacques Bergerac ... Jan Gubak
Werner Klemperer ... Professor / Captain Greisham
Peter van Eyck ... Officer
John Banner ... Train Conductor
Konstantin Shayne ... Customs Officer

Description: American journalist Mary Prescott is returning from a trip to a Communist state behind the Iron Curtain, traveling with a letter of safe conduct from that nation's President. Riding on the same train is Jan Gubak, captain of the country's soccer team and a national hero. Gubak visits the journalist in her compartment, asks her to dinner, and later persuades her to take a watch across the border for him, telling her that he plans to sell it to pay for an operation for his sister. She is then shocked when, at the border, Gubak himself reports her as a smuggler. She undergoes interrogation, while trying to determine whether there is anyone she can trust.

Episode 22 - Place of shadows


Everett Sloane ... Father Vincente
Sean McClory ... Brother Jared
Mark Damon ... Ray Clements
Claude Akins ... Cop
Joe Downing ... Floyd Unser

Description: A young man is picked up at a train station, taken to a nearby monastery, and met by Father Vincente, who is in charge of the monastery. The visitor introduces himself as Mr. Unser, and asks to see a friend named Rocco who is temporarily being cared for by the monks. But the priest realizes that the visitor is not Unser, but rather Clements, who blames Rocco for robbing him and ruining his life. Knowing that Clements has come for revenge, the priest returns the money that Rocco stole from him, but refuses to let him see Rocco. The priest urges Clements to forgive Rocco, but the young man remains consumed by hatred and anger, and persists in his efforts to gain revenge.

Episode 23 - Back for Christmas


John Williams ... Herbert Carpenter
Isobel Elsom ... Hermione Carpenter
Arthur Gould-Porter ... Major Sinclair
Lillian Kemble-Cooper ... Mrs. Sinclair
Gavin Muir ... Mr. Wallingford
Katherine Warren ... Mrs. Freda Wallingford

Description: Herbert is digging in his basement when his wife Hermione calls him upstairs to eat. She thinks he is making a wine cellar, but he is really planning to kill her and bury her in the basement. At lunch, Hermione goes over all the arrangements she has made for a business trip to California that they are about to take together. Several friends then come over to visit, and after they leave, Herbert looks for the opportunity to put his plan into practice.

Episode 24 - The perfect murder


Hurd Hatfield ... Paul Tallendier
Mildred Natwick ... Aunt Rosalie
Philip Coolidge ... Henri Tallendier
Gladys Hurlbut ... Ernestine
Walter Kingsford ... Pierre

Description: Henri and his brother Paul attend the reading of their uncle's will, and learn that their Aunt Rosalie inherits everything, but that after her death the two nephews are to share the income from the estate. The excitement of the two brothers is tempered by their present lack of resources. Rosalie has little regard for either of her nephews, and she determines to outlive them both. Paul decides to win over his aunt, and he soon moves in with her. The two brothers then look for a way to kill her without arousing suspicion.

Episode 25 - There was an old woman


Estelle Winwood ... Monica Laughton
Charles Bronson ... Frank Bramwell
Norma Crane ... Lorna Bramwell
Dabbs Greer ... Milkman
Emerson Treacy ... Deli Manager

Description: Elderly Monica Laughton greets the milkman, and tells him that another relative of hers has passed away. The milkman then stops at a cafeteria, where he discusses Miss Laughton's wealth and eccentricity with the man at the counter. The conversation is overheard by Frank Bramwell, who then plans to visit Miss Laughton with his wife, so that they can rob her. When they reach her home, they are shown into an empty parlor, where she introduces them to a number of imaginary relatives, and shows them an open, empty coffin. Fearing that she is insane, Lorna Bramwell wants to leave, but Frank sees the situation as an even better opportunity than he'd hoped for - and he is not above using force to get what he wants.

Episode 26 - Whodunit


John Williams ... Alexander Penn Arlington
Amanda Blake ... Carol Arlington
Jerry Paris ... Wally Benson
Philip Coolidge ... Talbot
Alan Napier ... Wilfred

Description: Recently deceased mystery writer Alexander Arlington appears before the recording angel in heaven. All goes well until he learns that his death was a murder, rather than a heart attack, as he had imagined. He receives permission from the angel to live his last day over again, so that he can find out who killed him. Back in his home, he relives a bitter fight with his assistant, and is certain that the assistant is the murderer. But when his nephew makes some threatening statements, and then he catches a glimpse of his wife warmly kissing a male friend, he starts to realize that almost everyone he knows has a motive for killing him.

Episode 27 - Help wanted


John Qualen ... Mr. Crabtree
Lorne Greene ... Mr. X
Madge Kennedy ... Laura Crabtree
Ruth Swanson ... Mrs. Brown
John Harmon ... Police Officer
Malcolm Atterbury ... The blackmailer
Parley Baer ... Police Detective Gryar
Paul Brinegar ... Donations Collector

Description: Mrs. Crabtree's health is poor, and Mr. Crabtree is out of work, having been let go from his job because his personnel manager thought he had become too old for the work. He receives a call from an employer to whom he had written, and the employer sends his secretary to discuss the job with Crabtree. He begins working in a private office, reviewing financial information and writing reports, but he is baffled by his employer's secretive nature. Then one day he arrives at the office to find his employer waiting for him, with a most unexpected assignment.

Episode 28 - Portrait of Jocelyn


Philip Abbott ... Mark Halliday
Nancy Gates ... Debbie Halliday
John Baragrey ... Arthur Clymer
Raymond Bailey ... Jeff Harrison
Olan Soule ... Art Dealer

Description: Mark Halliday takes his wife to an art gallery, to show her a painting he has purchased for their first anniversary. But instead of the painting he had seen, he is given a portrait of his first wife Jocelyn, who disappeared five years ago. Both he and his new wife are shocked and upset, so Halliday shows the portrait to Jocelyn's brother, who locates the artist for him. When Halliday goes in search of the artist, he encounters further coincidences and confusing developments, suggesting that Jocelyn is living very close by.

Episode 29 - The orderly world of Mr. Appleby


Robert H. Harris ... Laurence Appleby
Meg Mundy ... Martha Sturgis
Louise Larabee ... Lena, the First Wife
Michael Ansara ... Businessman Mr. Desar

Description: Mr. Appleby's antique shop is losing money, because he is so fond of the best items that he refuses to sell them to anyone. A representative from a supplier visits the shop, and tells Appleby that he must pay his bill within two weeks, or else the supplier will reclaim his inventory. Appleby's wife has a moderate endowment, but she will not help him, so he kills her and makes it look like an accident. He gets away with it, and marries a wealthy woman whom he had met in the shop. But he soon learns that she knows all about him, and has made careful arrangements to protect herself.

Episode 30 - Never again


Phyllis Thaxter ... Karen Stewart
Louise Allbritton ... Renee
Warren Stevens ... Jeff Simmons
Jack Mullaney ... Marlow
Joan Banks ... Margaret

Description: Karen wakes up in an unfamiliar bed, with a hangover that's even worse than usual. She knows that by getting drunk again she has once more broken her promise to her boyfriend Jeff. Then she realizes that her hand is bandaged and badly injured, and she struggles to remember what happened the night before. She had gone to a party with Jeff, but she felt uncomfortable and lonely, and had started to drink. She tries to piece together the rest of the night, but all she can remember is being angry and drunk.

Episode 31 - The gentleman from America


Biff McGuire ... Howard Latimer
Ralph Clanton ... Sir Stephen Hurstwood
John D. Irving ... Derek
Eric Snowden ... Hanson

Description: In 1940, a rich American named Latimer is visiting a club in England. Sir Stephen, a gambler deep in debt, befriends Latimer in the hope of winning some money from him. With the help of his friend Derek, Sir Stephen tells Latimer about a ghost that supposedly haunts a manor home that Sir Stephen owns. The ghost is supposed to appear and threaten anyone who tries to spend the night in a certain room of the house. Latimer agrees to bet 1000 pounds that he can make it through the night, and they agree on the terms. Latimer suspects that the two Englishmen plan some sort of trick, and he prepares himself accordingly.

Episode 32 - The baby sitter


Thelma Ritter ... Lottie Slocum
Mary Wickes ... Blanche Armstaedter
Carole Mathews ... Clara Nash
Theodore Newton ... Mr. Nash
Rebecca Welles ... Janie

Description: A detective questions baby-sitter Lottie Slocum about the murder of Clara Nash, for whom Lottie had been working. Lottie exasperates the detective by her aimless chatter and her undisguised excitement. After the detective leaves, she tells a friend about the night of the murder. Lottie disliked Clara, who was separated from her husband and was seeing another man. Lottie is so vocal in her disapproval of Clara, and in her affection for Mr. Nash, that her friend wonders whether Lottie was somehow involved. Later, Lottie is threatened by the dead woman's boyfriend. She herself hopes that the situation will give her an opportunity to get closer to Mr. Nash.

Episode 33 - The belfry


Jack Mullaney ... Clint Ringle
Patricia Hitchcock ... Ellie Marsh
Dabbs Greer ... The Sheriff
Jim Hayward ... Preacher

Description: Clint is determined to marry Ellie, the county's schoolteacher, and he is building a house for them to live in. But Ellie is not interested, and she tells him that she has just become engaged to another man. Clint is enraged, and when he meets Ellie's fiancé, he kills him with an ax. He decides to hide in the bell tower of Ellie's schoolhouse, since he thinks no one will look for him there. He also likes the idea of being close to Ellie, so that he can have the chance to strike back at her too.

Episode 34 - The hidden thing


Biff McGuire ... Dana Edwards
Robert H. Harris ... John Hurley
Rachel Ames ... Laura
Theodore Newton ... Lt. Shea

Description: When a young man sees his fiancée struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver, he is inconsolable. When questioned by the police, he is unable to remember anything that he saw, even though he wants very much to have the driver caught. A week later, he is visited by a stranger who claims he can help. The visitor tells him that his own son died in the same way, and he offers to help the young man to remember the license plate number that he saw, by using special memory recall methods. It's not clear, though, what the visitor's motive for helping might be.

Episode 35 - The legacy


Leora Dana ... Irene Cole
Jacques Bergerac ... Prince Burhan
Enid Markey ... Cecelia
Alan Hewitt ... Howard Cole
Walter Kingsford ... Col. Blair

Description: A well-known author is visiting Palm Beach, and he meets some old friends. He tells them that he will be writing his next book about Prince Burhan, a noted playboy from India, who will be arriving that evening. Also staying at the resort are Howard and Irene Cole. Howard spends most of his time with a young actress, and the others are baffled by Irene's tolerance. When the prince arrives, he surprises everyone by spending all of his time with the plain-looking Irene, and by insisting that he is in love with her. Before long, Prince Burhan tells Irene that if she does not divorce Howard in order to marry him, he will kill himself.

Episode 36 - Mink


Ruth Hussey ... Paula Hudson
Vinton Haworth ... Sgt. Delaney
Vivi Janiss ... Sgt. Bradford
Sheila Bromley ... Lois
Anthony Eustrel ... Leslie Roms
Paul E. Burns ... Furrier Assistant

Description: Paula Hudson purchases a mink coat on a tip from her hairdresser. She later finds out it is stolen. The police question her and she says she bought it from a fashion model. When the police question the hairdresser and the model, both deny any knowledge of the fur. Paula later meets with a man to discuss the fur. She discovers that he is the man who stole the mink. He know wants it back. Paula refuses to give it to him. Later, the police tell that they have arrested the thief and his two accomplices: the model and the hairdresser.

Episode 37 - Decoy


Robert Horton ... Gil Larkin
Cara Williams ... Mona Cameron
Jack Mullaney ... Dave Packard
Philip Coolidge ... Lieutenant Brandt
David Orrick McDearmon ... Ben Cameron

Description: Secretly in love with a married singer, Gil Larkin learns that she is being abused by her husband. Confronting the man in his office, Gil is knocked unconscious, only to awaken and learn she's being framed for the husband's murder - and must now discover who is really behind the crime.

Episode 38 - The creeper


Constance Ford ... Ellen Grant
Steve Brodie ... Steve Grant
Harry Townes ... Ed
Reta Shaw ... Martha Stone
Percy Helton ... George the Janitor
Alfred Linder ... Shoemaker

Description: Ellen and Steve live in a New York neighborhood that is being terrorized by a strangler known only as the Creeper. Ellen wants a new lock for her apartment door in order to be safe. She becomes more paranoid until a locksmith arrives. As the locksmith begins work, Steve calls. He tells Ellen that the Creeper has been using his job as a locksmith to get into the homes of his victims. The news comes a little too late as the Creeper attacks Ellen and begins to strangle her.

Episode 39 - Momentum


Skip Homeier ... Richard Paine
Joanne Woodward ... Beth Paine
Ken Christy ... A.T. Burroughs
Henry Hunter ... Finance Company Agent
Holly Bane ... Cab Driver
William Newell ... Charlie

Description: After his boss tells him the firm is close to bankruptcy, Dick Paine agrees to work for half pay. Dick is nagged by his wife Beth into standing up for himself. He goes to his boss and demands the money he has not been paid. His boss refuses to give him the money and Dick must resort to murder.

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