Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Strangers on a train (1951) - classic thriller from director Alfred Hitchcock, starring Farley Granger and Robert Walker

Rating: 8.3/10
Runtime: 101 min
Language: English
Country: USA
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
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Farley Granger ... Guy Haines
Ruth Roman ... Anne Morton
Robert Walker ... Bruno Anthony
Leo G. Carroll ... Sen. Morton
Patricia Hitchcock ... Barbara Morton

Description: Tennis star Guy Haines meets a stranger on the Washington-to-New York train who offers to exchange murders. The stranger, Bruno Anthony, will kill Guy's estranged wife if Guy will kill Bruno's hated father. Guy doesn't take Bruno seriously until his wife, Miriam, is found murdered in an amusement park. Guy becomes the chief suspect, which threatens his tennis career, his romantic involvement with a U.S. senator's daughter, Anne Morton, his hopes for a political career, and even his life. When it becomes evident to Bruno that Guy isn't going to kill his father, he tells Guy he intends to establish Guy's guilt conclusively by planting his monogrammed cigarette lighter on the island where Miriam was murdered. With Anne's help, Guy attempts to stop Bruno after rushing through an important tennis match and racing to the amusement park.

Screens: (to be added later)

Download links (torrent file - theatrical version only):

Beside widely known theatrical version posted originally, this download also includes preview version of the movie also known as British version as it was mislabeled as so when it was found. In fact, it was never screened in the UK and was only ever screened twice before Warner Bros executives, who hated it, forced Hitchcock to make changes. The differences are additional scenes, including an extended version of the tennis scene, alternate ending (in fact the whole last part of movie is different) making runtime difference of over two minutes (to be added later)

In addition to that, there are also several extra materials (to be added later):

• Strangers on a Train: A Hitchcock Classic (12:46)
• Strangers on a Train: The Victim's POV (7:22)
• Strangers on a Train: An Appreciation by M. Night Shyamalan (12:46)
• The Hitchcocks on Hitch (11:20)
• Alfred Hitchcock's historical meeting with Betsy Ross and Thomas Jefferson (1:08)
• Theatrical trailer (2:34)

Audio and video information (to be added later):

Video :
Audio :

Subtitles (to be added later)


Idle_Talk said...

This is the first film I downloaded from your site, thanks a lot and a great site indeed. No word of praise can even begin to do justice to the great work you are doing. However, I find John Ford's films missing from your list of Best 50 (barring the one episode in "How Green was My Valley"). John Ford, who was considered the greatest film director by Akira Kurosawa, Orson Welles and Ingmar Bergman among others. I do hope you shall do something about this.

Vestouc said...

Thanks for the upload. But I've got one problem : after I've downloaded every part à the file, I can't make it one. I know how to unrar but here, the files aren't in rar type.
How can I sort i out ?

Thank you

Idle_Talk said...

Hi Vestouc,

You need the software, HJ-Split, to join these files into one. It is a free software and easily downloadable from the net.

Vestouc said...

Worked perfectly !

A big Thank !

Anonymous said...


Its hard to come by old classics.
Thanks for the great movie!

Anonymous said...

I can't begin to thank you enough for all of the wonderful movies you have and will post on your blog. it is hard to come by the old classics. your efforts are VERY much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Great site,you made a dream of mine come through, namely finding the great film-noirs of 40's and 50's only few of which I had the possibility to see.
Is it possible for you to upload the subs separetely from trailer etc because I have aceess to easyshare or megaupload (because there is a ban on both sites)only through proxy servers and they don't allow bigger files to be downloaded for free.
Thank you for the good deed you're doing.

Mozes said...

I really wanted to get this movie! but in rapidshare it requires a password.
Do you have any idea what it is? Thanks!

Chris said...

All links are interchangeable, yes? (I generally only use Megaupload as I have an account...)

Great site. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I wanted to thank you for uploading these wonderful movies. I was also wondering if you have the proper subtitles for this copy of "Strangers on a train", since none of the subtitles I have downloaded from the Internet are working.

Greetings from Argentina!

Anonymous said...

please re-uploaded links _ links dead

Anonymous said...

please re-uploaded links _ links dead

Anonymous said...

English Subtitles for RIP please

The Big Black said...

Hi. Thanks for upload this great film. I have a problem: the link for the part4 is broken. Only this link is bad. Please fix it.

Thank you very, very much

radiostar said...

Can you reupload the filefactory link, please?