Saturday, October 31, 2009

jDownloader tutorial made by me

OK guys, as using of jDownloader for many people seem to be endless confusion and they can`t get it started, I prepared my own tutorial, that should help all people, with free or premium access

For some strange reason thumbnails were not displayed correctly when I tried to upload them to external image hosters, so I had to put them on Blogger, they are not so clear, so you have to click on them to enlarge

A. Downloading and instalation:

1) Go to

Choose your language, your platform, and then download from one of hosts provided (on the thumbnail provided below, I chose Windows version for Windows, for some strange reason language on the screen is Spanish, but you just have to download the file)

2) Start download from host of your choice, when finished, unpack instalation file to directory of your choice

3) Create a shortcut on your desktop, as shown below in Image A, so you can find the application easily in the future.

4) When you start it up, pick the language you want as shown in Item 1, image B, and also download directory as shown in Item 2

5) Next you will be asked if you want to integrate jDownloader with your browser. Just select “Cancel” as shown in Image C.

6) You will now be asked if you want to install Click’n’Load. (Image D). Just select “Cancel”.

7) Sometimes there will be dialog boxes asking if you want to install updates (Image E), or saying that updates have been made (Image F). Just click “OK” for any of these dialog boxes which appear.

B. Using program to download from RS ( free and premium)

A. Free users

8) The main jDownloader interface opens up. From "Links" menu choose "Add links" and then "Add container" or simply Ctrl + O

9) Program will now check the link, just click on Linkgrabber Tab, when it is done and all links are working fine, click on "Continue" button. If option "Start after adding" is checked, download will start automatically

10. Most of the files on the blog are passworded, so you may want to add the password, just double click on container and add the password as shown below, dont forget to check "Extract" option, so program could extract the files automatically, without any human assistance

11. Now the program will download files one by one, with all waiting times between the files being processed automatically, files CRC checked etc. etc. If your provider enables it and you are advanced user, you can even reconnect your modem after each file, and skip waiting times in "Settings"=> "Modules" => "Advanced". I never tried that as I use premium, but it is another option, if you know how to do that, if you dont know, or can`t change your IP, you just download one file after another as usual

12. If everything is all right, after successful download, you will get your file in download directory

B. Premium users

1) Download and install as described below, before adding container file go to "Premium" and then "Premium Settings" as shown below. Enter you login data, and after checking them program will add premium accounts to its database. If you got more than 1 premium account, you can add all of them, and then switch between them as shown below

2) You can set Maximum Connections (Item 1) and Maximum Downloads (Item 2) values as well as throttle your download speed (in Kb/s, is set to 0 your download speed is unlimited, Item 3) if you want use your browser at the same time, all these settings in right down corner of the program window (feel free to set them to your connection and convenience, but from other users experience I may tell you that setting maximum simultaneous connections to more than 5-6 sometime may lead to RS blocking access for excessive use, 5-6 is just OK, setting to higher values will not help you in any way)

That should be all, you can of course switch on/off link grabber in settings, use it for usual set of links, just copy it, and link grabber will do its work as described above, you can set your preffered language and many, many other options for your convenience

I hope that tutorial will help all the people that can`t make jDownloader work... Feel free to ask questions in comments


Anonymous said...

What a waste. Why not a plain text file with the links?

Anonymous said...

this program is awesome, thank you so much for this and all of your amazing uploads

and please just ignore people with the stupid questions/comments, don't waste your time lol