Friday, October 30, 2009

Some small issues

Hello everyone...

First of all, could you please let me know if the password for my last submission of "Love affair" is OK? It was an old upload and I wasnt sure, I tried to download first file and extact, using and everything went fine, but I got some reports that the pass is Little strange...

Second thing...I know a lot of people dont like all these recent changes, switching to jDownloader, but as I can see from number of downloads...the number is very, very low now...sometimes DLC file is downloaded e.g 30 times but actual files downloads is the latest content not interested or something else?

Re-uploads...some of the files were gone, some are still to be re-uploaded, replaced, I can the interest is rather poor lately, as for all files, but here even worse, lot of people were whinning: "re-upload this", "Dead links, please add new ones" etc. etc. but when the files are finally back online, no one downloads them, so what is the points of re-uploading beside my joy of all the content being online? I spent countless hours, I think couple of hundreds this year only to get what is it now, but sometimes I am embarassed of all effects of this...


Shawn said...

The content is still good as always, my reason for not downloading, is that I can't get jDownloader to work. I much prefer the old way.

Carl said...

Dear friend,
you said that you did not want to hear anymore: "Please, why do you use .dlc files?".
So, if you don't hear your people, you can't be surprised of it!
Two of the reasons because people don't love dlc. files could are:
1. JDownloader needs "Java Runtime" and many people do not want to install it (me too).
2. Many people uses, maybe in years, their download manager and don't need another dl manager.
3. JDownloader could expose to risks your pc.

Sorry, but until you will use .dlc files, me and many others, don't download your files.

And believe me, I say you these things ONLY because I love your blog, and thanks you for your work.


Anonymous said...

Having no problem with using the JDownloader...thank you for all the great movies

Leonid said...

Hi there!
I personally don't see any problem as far as jDldr is concerned. So far have not quite figured the advantages of using it, but no contras either.
My initial reason for registering here was "Alfred Hitchcock presents" series, so I keep waiting for the new uploads and sure will download.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

In the first place, thanks! Your effort is appreciated, definitely. Where i am though, 1.3Gb for one "old" movie is a bit big because of download restrictions - but otherwise great site.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that J downloader is awesome! Now I can just ifre it up and download over night to have the movie in the morning instead of babysitting every hour and waiting the 15 minutes. J downloader is great and I'm very thankful you went with it. If for some odd reason you were to go with the old way, I would still use the j downloder program.

If people want the movies, they can adjust, I think this program is great, adn the movies are still awesome, now they are just much easier to get, Thanks Homeboy

Anonymous said... works. doesn't.

Hermanos Makana said...

Thanks for your efforts! Very appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Jdownloader funciona muy bien y es facil de usar.
Gracias por el esfuerzo y por poner subtitulos en espaƱol.
Saludos desde Argentina.

Anonymous said...

What the last dude said was soemthing like this.

"J downloader works well, and is easy to use. Thanks for keeing it real, and for the Spanish subtitles. Greetings from Canada"

Anonymous said...

your blog is great and keep on uploading. The only objection i can make is that really 1.3 Gb is not necessary for movies whose duration is less than 2h, and especially for old movies.
Once again great job!
Greetings from Serbia

Anonymous said...

I use jdownloader for all of my downloading, not just dlc files. It is very easy to use and makes downloading from non-premium sites much easier because it does captcha recognition and queues the downloads including supporting restarting.

You do so much work preparing the movies you should not have to spend your time writing tutorials for people on how to use jdownloader. If they don't like the way you offer movies for download, let them go elsewhere.

rwisem said...


Love your blog. Is there any chance you could make "To Each His Own" available? I have a copy, but it is very poor quality. This is my favorite movie from the '40's.

Anonymous said...

I installed Jdownloader because of a HQ rip you had here, and it was worth it I guess. Those who want a re-upload will usually not wait until you have tended to their needs, so they just download the movie elsewhere.
Oh, and I don't think 1.3 gigs is too much for an «old movie». The rips with 700 MB are sometimes pathetic on a widescreen laptop, so I do appreciate the big files since this doens't make my head hurt while watching.
Thank you for your work and your constant improvements! I surely appreciate it.