Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Onlyoldmovies bulletin no. 6

1. Due to recent changes in RS premium packages and stopping points system I am thinking of switching to other host in a couple of weeks, probably just before end of August, when it is time to renew hosting plan and domain registration for .info site. Right now the new system is very inconvenient to use, and in the light of recent changes my premium account will expire in a couple of months and I do not intend to pay for it, when I was using it for free for more than 3 years. Also many people asked for some changes in file hosting, so now might be the good time for it. For that moment I got like 10 movies ready and uploaded to RS, so next 5-6 will be like "waiting for people nad RS response" time and eventual changes wouldnt be fast, but one day it may change

2. So here is your choice to make some suggestions (poll active up to July 7th, only 1 option available to choose):

3. If you wanna uninterrupted services on both sites, please consider making small Paypal donation toward hosting plan renewal, I need little more than 70 $ to be on the safe side, and the time is middle August to finish. It would be nice if at least 3 people buy one of the software listed on the site, as that would help a lot. After almost 3 years and hundreds of hours spent on both sites your help is crucial

4. I also need some advice on protecting some of the links from being reported, I tried several services, but it doesnt work too well, and some little prank is doing quite good job on reporting the files, especially Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes, which prevents me from re-uploading and updating them now as the job is pointless. I know together we could figure out the good solution...Maybe someone has access to good fast FTP server, on which the files would be more safe?

5. As previously stated my online activity is very limited these days, so any links re-uploading, taking care of some little adjustments, responding to comments takes much more time than usual, as well as new movies being posted in a week intervals. And please remember, asking "What is the password?", "Help I cant extract the files, password is wrong" when over 500 people downloaded witout any problems doesnt help either...In my free time I will try to put all the questions and answers in one place on "FAQ/Help/Problem resolving" sub-site but when it is finally done, any of the questions or comments like that will be ignored

6. RS is changing its services for a 1000th time in last years and I dont like that, but for those of you that dont have premium accounts, I used accumulated points and made 5 premium accounts, before latest changes they would be regular 30 days account, now thing changed, so the time of account validity depends on amount of data downloaded and your choice of data packet used, but premium features are still there

To get one of these accounts, send me a screenshot of any of Google Ad-sense advertisements being clicked by you, your country of origin and name/nickname and then I will choose 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 11th mail sent to onlyoldmovies [at] after 7 PM Central European time, which is in little more than 3 and a half of hour from this post being published.

7. New movie will be posted tomorrow, one can't have enough of Erroll Flynn and his adventues, huh?

That is all for now...


Old Fart said...

One way to make it a little harder to kill your files is to post a link to a text file that lists the actual download files. Protecting it with a password makes it a little harder. These will prevent most bots from harvesting the links and make it a little tougher than copying and submitting to the host for cancellation.

I remember a site that linked to music that had a text file for the first part of a cd. When the link(s) were downloaded, a new link for a text file with the rest of the files was included.


Faraaz Rahman said...

This is such an amazing blog. You have indeed done a great service to lovers of cinema..
I will donate and try to help you in my small way.
Keep up the good work

mel said...

First poll - choice "other": I would recommend looking at MediaFire. Use it at no charge - and your files remain active for a long time.

Second poll - I did not vote as I am not familiar with any of these webhosters. I would say, however, go for MediaFire as your primary host and Megaupload as your mirror.

And, as The Old Fart mentioned above, if you use a password there is no way the webhoster can get into your files and see the content unless they have the password.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, secondary mirror should be Mediafire.
Thanks, and keep up the GREAT job!

Anonymous said...

Fuck RapidShare!!!

Go for Megaupload and Mediafire.

As always, your hard work is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Please stay with Rapidshare!
(Megaupload or Mediafire secondary)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, you are doing a great job. Please go with the Mediafire. It offers good hosting and its easier to download and allows resume.

So, Mediafire is the way ahead.

Sum-Annett said...

Mediafire is fine~
Megaupload's biggest problem is the quota of 3 files per day~

Oh My Gosh! said...

Please use media fire so we can download more than one file at the time, i just love your blog

Anonymous said...

A very great Blog you have here.

You asked for the new Server, i changed anything only of MegaUpload. There i paid for a lifetime Lizense not fully 200 Dollars. My brain dont had long to study, look where they stay, thats HongKong also very fine and now all my Posts are there.

Hotfile give me the most problems, wait a half hour after one download thats a real long time for free users.