Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bittorrent introduction

For all of you, that want to know more about Bittorrent protocol or dont know where to start, here are couple of useful links:

1.What is bittorrent protocol, explained here
2. More of Bittorrent basics here
3. Bittorrent FAQ and Troubleshooting here
4. Portforwarding explained here

And recommended Bittorrent client: uTorrent, that can be downloaded here

Any questions, please leave comments, I will try to answer them


Anonymous said...

instead of a torrent file, can you please use just the rapidshare files as RAPIDSHARE are NOT deleting movie files like other sites

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for the movies. Rapidshare is still better for me even slow because torrents are throttled by my ISP and during the day they are even slower than rapidshare.
Just thought you might like the feedback.
Thanks again. Great site.

Anonymous said...

I like to thank you for the time i have had with you. but seeimg my internet shuts you down if you do bittorrents. It looks like your's and mine days may be over. That why i just paid for the host files that sharer's put them on.