Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some news...

Hi guys

It is bad news and good news...

Bad news is that the situation among most popular 1-click hosters is still uncertain. After Filesonic and Fileserve accounts, now also Hotfile account of mine has been blocked and all files wiped out. Rapidshare, which now seems to be top choice of many people, reduces download speed of free users to average of 30 Kb/s, which is insane. There are some hosts that offer good speeds for free users, but not to popular or very strict when it comes to copyrights, so we still have to wait...

And good news is, as some of people asked for it, I will post a new movie soon as a Torrent file. My upload speed is slow and I can not seed it all the time, so cooperation of other seeders will be needed. I will check how it looks and what is the response and then re-consider future of Torrent files...


TOM said...

Hi, all my support to you. I recomended new way to share files : or mediafire the last one an excellent host.


Anonymous said...

Using torrents is like inviting real trouble. If you're not worried of being tracked, then go ahead.

Other encoder groups are strictly sticking to DDL (direct download links).

Regarding MF links (previous commenter), Mediafire is headquartered in Texas, USA, so it falls under USA laws, specifically SOPA, PIPA and so on. Mostly under FBI law and other US laws, if you catch my drift.

I've been following your blog for a while - this was/were my 2 cents.

norberto antonio fernandez said...

Muchas gracias amigo por la invitación. Te seguiré.

jtarin said...

MF has my vote. One of the few that allows multiple downloads on same IP.No captcha.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I really appreciate your uploads and I'm gonna donate you 15 dollars as soon as I get upload income on my paypal.

Two advisories on either torrent or one-klick-hoster.

In terms of tracking your torrent traffic, you can invest 5 dollars into torrentguard or you get a VPN account.

If you want to upload onto DDL hosters,
I'll recommend
Rather cheap accounts and most important secure location in Switzerland
Also you can earn income the more traffic you generate with your uploads

Also people shouldn't be so picky. If you want to get these great films,
get yourself a premium account and shut up. This way you get great films with fullspeed, not getting busted and the uploader gets credit from the hoster.

Anonymous said...

If you want to change to a new sharehoster, do a poll here in the comments. Everyone can vote!

So far, I think Bittorrent is pretty good.
As soon as you have 3-5 seeders, the movie stays online unattended for a pretty long time and it's really stable.

You have my support either way.

Dj Trale said...

It is possible to bypass speed limit in RS using premium generators. It can be found on net. Just paste link, website buffer it to their own server using it's own premium account and you download it from there. Cheers everyone.